Torghast Tower Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character;
  • Unlocked The Maw;
  • Unlocked Torghast;
  • 175+ ilvl for Layer 7;
  • 208+ ilvl for Layer 9;
  • 223+ ilvl fpr Layer 10;
  • 237+ ilvl gor Layer 11;
  • 252+ ilvl for Layer 12;
  • 200+ ilvl for Twisting Corridors Run;
  • Acсess to selected layers




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The new massive WoW Shadowlands expansion is a bunch of new exciting content and activities. In order to be able to progress to a high level rapidly and get all the benefits, the game has to offer, buy one of the WoW SL Boost Services by CakeBoost at the lowest price on the market. We guarantee the quality and 100% efficiency of each service.

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Once this tower was a prison for the most dangerous souls who fell into the Shadow world. Now, after the line between the worlds of the Living and the Shadows has been erased, some of Azeroth’s heroes also ended up in these dungeons. You have to help them get freedom. However, on your way, you will encounter many obstacles.

This dungeon stands out from the rest of the 8 new Dungeons that are being introduced as part of the new massive Shadowlands expansion. Why? This is a dungeon with a completely new structure. This is an ever-changing dungeon, akin to a “river that cannot be entered twice”: you can play this dungeon an infinite number of times solo or as part of a squad, but you will not see the same architecture twice. Thus, you will meet a new challenge every time. Moving to the upper floors of the Tower, you will meet more and more desperate resistance. This format requires players to be constantly on the alert, quickly adapt to changing situations and thus show the maximum level of their skills. During the passage, your character will receive special items that can be used profitably during the subsequent passages.

Another feature of this dungeon is the high cost of death, so you must, by all means, avoid the lethal outcome, which is especially difficult in a constantly changing environment, which makes it impossible to pander actions in advance, as is the case with the usual Dungeons with a “stable” structure.

Buy Torghast Tower of the Damned Boost Service by CakeBoost. Your character will receive 100% immunity from judgments and unsuccessful attempts. Thanks to the fact that your character will take part in the passage of the Tower in the ranks of the highly professional team of our Boosters, you will not only save time but also have an excellent experience watching the game of top players. The reward is well worth the effort: this is where you get the chance to craft customizable Legendary gear, useful items, Anima, and much more. Your character retains all items, gear and currency obtained during the service run.