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  • Level 60 character
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Sinrunner Blanchy is a visually striking mount with a unique backstory. Once, this horse was a mundane animal known as Old Blanchy that lived in Westfall and crossed the paths of most player characters during their adventures. After her death in the Cataclysm, however, her spirit traveled to the Shadowlands, where she became one of the menacing spectral sinrunners. With CakeBoost’s help, this fearsome mount and precious part of WoW’s history will be yours without any setbacks or delays!

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ETA: 2-4 days

In her Sinrunner form, Blanchy is a truly intimidating sight to behold: a blood-red spectral mount shrouded in wispy crimson smoke that follows her form as she rides across the land. Sinrunners are the ghosts of horses that suffer the consequences of their own foul deeds or those of their past masters. The vampire-like venthyr find them to be suitable mounts or beasts of labor, but Dead Blanchy is too wilful to serve them. Perhaps she deserves better in death, such as becoming the mount of a hero?

If you wish to ride Sinrunner Blanchy in your adventures in the Shadowlands and beyond, you will have to tame her first by completing an intricate hidden quest. First, you will need to gather gifts for the spectral mare from all around the Shadowlands. Then, you will need to give them to her… but that is not as simple as it sounds. Blanchy only appears in Revendreth for a few minutes at a time and accepts one gift in a day. You will need to gift her six times, meaning the quest will take six days – if you do everything right and aren’t distracted or thrown off at a critical moment.

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