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Larions are the majestic leonine creatures that soar in the skies of the celestial Shadowland of Bastion. Those swift and mighty predators are hard to tame, but when that is done, they become mounts fit for true heroes. The Silverwind Larion is especially prized due to its rare and striking coloration. CakeBoost will help you acquire this epic flying mount promptly and without any complications.

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With its white fur, blue feathers, and silver ornaments, the Silverwind Larion is guaranteed to draw envious eyes in any environment. When riding it, you can experience the Shadowlands and the world you left behind from the perspective of a proud flying predator. Soar above otherworldly wonders and horrors, or swoop down to attack your enemies when you so desire. Enjoy the fear of your enemies and the awe of your friends – the appropriate reactions to someone who would dare command one of the lions of heaven.

Earning the right to ride this incredible flying mount will not be easy, however. You will need to ring the Vesper of the Silver Wind using the Crystal Mallet of Heralds – but to do that, you will first have to reassemble it with the help of Forgelite Hephaesius. He will need you to track down all fifty of the lost Anima shards that have been scattered all over the Bastion, including its two dungeons: Spires of Ascension and Necrotic Wake. Only when all those tasks are done will you receive the Silverwind Larion.

Do you want to soar on the Silverwind Larion’s wings without first going on a long and difficult scavenger hunt? CakeBoost is here to help. Simply place an order, and our pro-boosters will collect all the Anima shards in the celestial realm, winning over the flying mount as quickly as humanly possible. Very soon, you will be free to fly like the wind over Azeroth and beyond!