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Reputation in the latest WoW expansion, Shadowlands, is a necessary characteristic that is necessary to unlock several legendary powers that cannot be acquired otherwise, a large amount of transmog and various collectibles, like impressive mounts, interesting pets, toys. Each Shadowlands unique faction provides the player with some exclusive content as well as rewards, so if you are interested in high-quality gear, collectibles and other items you must have the highest possible level of reputation with all SL fractions. One of the most interesting fractions added in SL is Wild Hunt which is another example of Neutral factions that is located in the Ardenweald zone. Wild Hunt can provide you with many useful rewards for your efforts on developing a high level of reputation, the most noticeable and rare among them are the Memory of Eonar, Faewoven Pack transmog and Illusion: Hunt’s Favor weapon illusion.

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ETA: 3-4 weeks

Reaching Revered level of reputation with this certain SL faction is another necessary task for getting the achievement Shadowlands Diplomat and some others. You also may consider the usefulness of raising the reputation with this specific faction if you have a profession of Alchemist, Enchanter, Leatherworker, or Scribe as it rewards you with many useful recipes. In all cases in the early stages of playing Shadowlands, it is useful considering to farm reputation with this faction for high-quality armor as well. The armor from Honored reputation is close equivalent in quality to normal dungeon gear, the armor from Revered reputation is close equivalent in quality to mythic dungeon gear, and the armor from Exalted reputation is equivalent in quality to normal Castle Nathria gear. There are also other rewards for reputation levels that you may find useful, the higher reputation level the higher quality and rareness of given items.

To achieve the desired level of reputation you will have to fulfill a great amount of various daily Callings and Challenges, Weekly Quests, PvE quests, World Quests and Contracts. All of that requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge of some tricks due to the fact that some of them can turn out to be quite challenging.

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