BFA Reputations Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion;
  • Level 60 character.




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In the new world of Warcraft expansion, “The Battle of Azeroth,” the status of your reputation level will be crucial. 10 new reputation scales added, improvement of which will grant you bonuses. Four are specialized for each faction, another 2 are common. For successful closing of the War Campaign, at least one common scale of reputation must be improved to at least “revered», then you become granted access to two new allied races. This will allow you to expand your gaming capabilities. In order to open 2 new races, at least one common reputation status should become “exalted”. Improving reputation status is beneficial from all sides, this in the first time after the extension launch this activity will be occupied by all the inhabitants of the game world.

You will get

ETA: 2-3 weeks.

Level “Revered” or “Exalted” according to selected reputation scales; some of the Force’s Strength gained for completing World Quests; access to the purchase of high-quality rare equipment and armor pieces; new allies; All loot (resources, game currency, equipment, etc.) that will be received during the execution of the order. Don’t worry about the safety of your account: we will use your country’s VPN to avoid unwanted attention and not cause unnecessary suspicion.

This service is provided only if our CakeBoost pro is granted access to your account. But don’t worry: your hero will be in the reliable hands of a professional who knows his business and is familiar with all the subtleties of the game. So just relax and wait: the results will soon appear. Let the magic happen. In just 2 weeks you will get the reputational status “revered”, and in 3 – “Exalted”. Join the offer now! Contact our managers for more information.

In order to speed up the process of accumulating a reputation level, it is recommended to perform worldwide, unusual and all possible quests that imply an increase in this scale of reputation. Don’t forget to use the corresponding Contract while executing quests to get the expected result. Use every opportunity! After the launch of the new expansion, all the inhabitants of Warcraft will be swallowed up by the pursuit of reputation, because this is one of the most accessible ways to get the best possible equipment for a trip to the first Uldir raid.