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  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion;
  • Level 60 character;




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Rated Battleground (also known as RBG) is a team-oriented combat format that allows you to earn Honor and Rating points, as you do on the Arena.

You will get:

  • You will get the chosen amount of RBG wins;
  • Achievements and rewards based on your chosen number of wins

​​​​​​​ETA: flexible

To win a fight on BGR your team have to adhere to pre-planned tactics. Now the only RBG format available is 10v10. RGB is able to find the most comparable opponents depending on your skills to equal chances of victory for both teams. The criteria for awarding a victory are based not only on the fulfillment of the task and the developed tactics. Sometimes Rated MM aren’t able to access the Battleground due to restrictions on the number of players needed. The map of every RBG combat is different: the disposition of the buildings, fences, walls, slopes, trees is different every time. The variety of maps forces gamers to adapt to the current situation and maximize their strategic skills. The strategy is the main tool that can lead your team to RBG victory!

If you do not have your own guild or the established team to participate in battles of this format and you do not want to waste time searching for it, use our RBG wins calculation tool. Your character gains 15-20 wins every day. Attention! We don’t use win-trades, unlike some other services! You only participate in real combats! To prove that, we will be glad to provide you streams and screenshots, so you can control the whole process of the increase. Be careful! If your account is suspected of win-trade, it may be blocked!