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Twilight Avenger is a rare kind of wine-colored dark dragon. Attentive players might notice its similarity with the Cataclysmic Twilight Drake from previous WoW versions, but this dragon is quite special. Apart from being powerful and fast, adding +60% to +100% speed on the ground plus some gorgeous +150% to +310% speed on a flight, Twilight Avenger has become a valuable trophy among the gamers since its first introduction during the Battle for Azeroth.

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To obtain the desired Twilight Avenger mount, the player must complete a large number of Island Expeditions in Normal, Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Crestfall Salvage Chest gives you the ability to get a dragon. But in order to buy chests and a chance to get a Twilight Avenger from there, you will need to farm and spend a significant amount of sailor’s Dubloons. The drop rate is still very low, so it will inevitably take several runs.

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