The Hivemind Mount Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character.




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Mounts represent an inseparable part of the game world, especially in WoW. They are collectibles that many players enjoy receiving each peace. Mounts become a reward for truly long and difficult trials, the player must prove that he is worthy of owning Mount. They are often given for getting extremely difficult achievements or have a very small chance of dropping from extremely difficult bosses. The Hivemind is one of the most impressive among them. We always guarantee quality and 100% efficiency for each of our offered services.

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The Hivemind is considered to be a very special secret mount that is also the first 5 person mount in WoW. To obtain it you will have to practically solve intricate in-game global puzzles. Each step and little hint matters, otherwise you will not be able to succeed. The puzzle requires a team, takes a lot of time, effort and great knowledge of all tricks, all of that strongly corresponds with the secretiveness and exclusivity of the mount which makes it so desirable to obtain by so many WoW players.

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