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  • Level 60 character.




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Snapback Scuttler is a giant crab populating the outskirts of Nazjatar, an underwater capital of the Naga Empire under the guise of the Great Sea. Usually grown by Naga as a resource of food, some crabs are raised for various domestic purposes until they eventually manage to grow extremely large. The Scuttler is a rare mount of its kind, and the first-ever crab vehicle to be introduced in the WoW universe. It is also a unique mount for its sideways moves that could be used as battle leverage, still adding in between +60% and +100% to the rider’s speed.

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ETA: few weeks

Accordingly, in order to obtain such a valuable mount, a player needs to receive an achievement of the Undersea Usurper. It totally lives up to its name, requesting a character to perform a wide range of quests of Nazjatar exploration, as well as wartime quests, including collaborative ones. Safe to say, performing each task impeccably takes long hours and much effort – without even mentioning the great team by your side.

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