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  • Level 60 character.




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Siltwing Albatross is a rare and highly treasured bird that inhabits the rocky islands of the Great Sea. Fast, strong and hard to capture, it is also a very pricey good, sold to both Alliance and Horde by very exclusive traders for a local Island currency. First introduced in patch 8.1., Siltwing Albatross soon became widely appreciated among gamers.

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However, as you might have tried to embark on a quest to obtain the WoW Siltwing Albatross, you might have learned how difficult it is to purchase it. First of all, your character needs to embark on Island Expeditions in order to farm local coins, Seafarer Dubloons. The Albatross costs 1000 of such and farming all of them alone might take multiple weeks. Then, after possessing the required sum, you can only buy this mount from one vendor, depending on whether your character is a member of the Alliance or the Horde – with the former, it is Captain Klarisa of the Tiragarde Sound, with the latter, it is Captain Zen’Taga of Zuldazar.

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