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Honeyback Harvesters are a giant species of bees populating the Stormsong Valley. Known for their adventurous and curious character, as well as adorable appearance, these bees also serve as mounts for WoW SL characters, adding its rider +60% to +100% speed on the ground and +150% to +310% speed on a flight. Carrying honey pots on their backs, Honeyback Harvester’s Harnesses earned their reputation as useful and self-sufficient mounts for the Alliance members.

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ETA: 1 week

You can earn a Honeyback Harvester mount as a reward through several lengthy and tricky quests within the Stormsong plains. Even to embark on those quests, you have to purchase a Bumble or Seabreeze Bumble Bee as a pet firsthand. Then, with their help, you are going to receive instruction on further actions from Barry of Mildenhall Meadery. 

When you reach the Honeyback Hive, you will have to serve the Queen Bee for the good and prosperity of the hive, performing the orders. It goes on without saying that the tasks given to you by bees would require flying, so you have to already obtain a sufficient flying vehicle. All of these tasks take a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it, with a brand new unique fuzzy Honeyback Harvester mount and accelerated reputation. Unfortunately, these benefits cannot be used by Horde members as they are technically unable to fly a Honeyback Harvester bee. This only adds up to the exclusivity and complexity of the effort.

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