Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider Boost

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Glory of the Dazar’alor is a meta achievement that you can gain during the second raid of the Battle of Azeroth expansion – the Battle of Dazar’alor. During the siege or defense of the city heroes will meet with 9 of the 12 existing raid bosses. In order to get this prestigious meta-achievement, you must fulfill certain conditions in the battle with each of the nine bosses and get 9 corresponding achievements. It doesn’t sound easy, but on practice everything is much more complicated!

Of course, a prestigious achievement pays your efforts back, but most likely you must make a huge number of attempts before you succeed. In case you obtained 9 necessary achievements, in addition to the prestigious meta achievement, you also gain a Grand Prix: Dazar’alor Windreaver, an impressive, ferocious dinosaur mount that can carry you not only by land, but also by air!

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Since ancient times, so ancient that it is impossible to even imagine, the city of Dazar’alor proudly towered in the center of the mighty empire of Zandalari. The guardians of the city stopped many attempts to assassinate the life of the ancient great king Rastakhan. However, now the undermined forces of the Alliance are once again gathering all their strength for a decisive blow in order to break the ties between the Horde and the Zandalari Empire forever. However, the Horde will not give up so easily and will fight to the end…

Alliance forces suffered significant losses. The Teldrassil tree fell in flames, the Horde forces escaped from Lordaeron at the last minute… The Alliance will try to restore the balance of power, concentrating all its forces and delivering a powerful retaliation to the capital of the Horde on Zandalar. Each faction will undergo the challenge of the new raid in its own way and will see the whole story from its own side.

The Alliance will begin the seizure of the city from the docks, gradually moving deeper into the city to the Pyramid through the uncharted territory of the capital. After that, the Alliance army will begin to descend into the treasury, where the heroes will have to fight with 6 different bosses.

At the same time, the Horde, too late to see through the deceptive maneuver of the Alliance, will hasten to return to Zuldazar to prevent the invasion of the enemy. Starting in the north of the city, the Horde forces will push the Alliance back to the docks until they force the daring invaders to flee. In the open sea, the heroes of the Horde will have to fight against the commanders of the alliance, including the hated Jaina.