WoW Archaeology Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Shadowlands);
  • Level 60 character.




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The Warcraft universe has a long and turbulent history full of dramatic events that could not help but leave traces throughout its many realms. Archaeology is the profession of those who wish to unearth the secrets of the past and retrieve long-lost treasures. Although this profession has received no new content in the Shadowlands, it remains a fun and rewarding pursuit in all other parts of the game. CakeBoost can help your character master Archaeology and earn many fascinating rewards, quickly and efficiently.

You will get:

  • Archaeology level 800 or 950;
  • The requested achievements;
  • The requested Mounts.

ETA: flexible

The wartorn core continents of Azeroth, the mist-shrouded land of Pandaria, the frozen kingdom of Northrend, and the distant planet of Draenor are full of secrets that await your discovery. By surveying digits and retrieving fragments of ancient objects, you will be able to not only learn more about past societies and events but also reconstruct ancient artifacts that can enrich your game experience. That includes unique pets, toys, and mounts (such as a ghost moose, a skeletal dinosaur, and a walker tank). Archaeology also holds the key to obtaining many unique achievements.

The land will only yield its secrets to those with sufficient skill in Archaeology. As with other professions, you can get better with practice, by working on digsites and “solving” artifacts. However, the skill cap, in this case, is especially high, going up to 800 in Legion and 950 in Battle for Azeroth content. Reaching it will require you to travel all over the game world, as lower-level digsites can no longer teach you anything past a certain point. While the occasional discoveries may make it worth it, much of the leveling experience is a long, tedious grind.

CakeBoost offers a way to reach the heights of archaeological prowess without spending a lot of time farming at faraway sites. Simply place an order and our pro-boosters will level this profession for you, giving you instant access to all digsites. At extra cost, you can also receive some of the most hard-to-get Mounts and achievements in the game.