Shadowlands Jewelcrafting 1-100 Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Shadowlands)
  • Gold, resources or required gathering profession
  • Level 60 character.




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Jewelry has never been just for show in the World of Warcraft. Incredible power can lie dormant in that universe’s precious stones. Jewelcrafting is the art of drawing that power into the open, where it can do the most good. In Shadowlands, this profession has reached new heights with the debut of craftable Legendary jewels and the discovery of new Essences and Gems. CakeBoost can help you master these heights quickly and without you needing to do anything.

You will get:

  • Shadowlands Jewelcrafting boost to the maximum level;
  • All gold and resources obtained during the boost.

ETA: 2-5 days

Jewelcrafting in the Shadowlands is different from the world you left behind. There are just three base Gems – Angerseye, Oriblase, and Umbryl, which can be merged into Rare Jewel Doublets and Clusters. In addition to Gems, jewelers have the chance to discover mystical Essences. By joining those ingredients and certain crafting reagents, jewelers can create potent magical rings and necklaces, including Shadowghast jewelry that may be empowered into Legendary status by Torghast’s Runecarver. Even leaving Legendaries aside, Shadowlands jewelry can offer very useful bonuses, including unprecedented speed and healing boosts from Straddling and Revitalizing Jewel Doublets respectively. Although Jewelcrafting has no unique Optional Reagent, jewelers benefit indirectly from the Elethium Settings made by blacksmiths, which add more gem sockets and more demand for their products.

Leveling up Shadowlands Jewelcrafting may be relatively straightforward, but it is a very involved and time-consuming process. After acquiring the skill from Appraiser Au’vesk in Oribos, you will need to amass large amounts of Shadowlands ores to create jewels and gems of escalating power. Jeweler’s Journals can help you skip ahead, but bear in mind that you can only use one skill journal per week.

CakeBoost offers a way to reach the pinnacle of Jewelcrafting prowess without you having to undergo the tedium of prospecting and crafting. Our pro-boosters will get the boring leveling requirements out of the way in the most efficient way possible, setting you free to create the finest and most powerful jewelry in all worlds.