Shadowlands Fishing Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion (Shadowlands);
  • Level 60 character.




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While the Shadowlands are separated by ethereal voids, water can be found in those eerie afterlife realms’ interiors. Like on mortal worlds, those inland waters are home to a life of their own. For an enterprising fisher, tracking down this life and catching it for the cooking pot might just be the ultimate challenge. Others may simply enjoy the relaxation and the chance to take in the wonders of the Shadowlands at a slower pace than the Fishing profession offers. With CakeBoost’s assistance, you can soon attain the height of Fishing prowess, ensuring that you will get the finest catches in the otherworld.

You will get:

  • Shadowlands Fishing boost to the maximum level;
  • All gold and resources obtained during the boost.

ETA: 2-5 days

There is plenty of fish in the streams and ponds of the Shadowlands: the rare Elysian Thade, the much more commonplace Lost Sole, the Silvergill Pike of Bastion, the Pocked Boneifsh of Maldraxxus, the Iridescent Amberjack of Ardenweald, and the Spinefin Piranha of Revendreth. A starting fisher is hardly likely to catch a Thade and may end up with a lot of useless junk instead. With enough skill and the returning Baits, a desirable outcome is more likely. Many Shadowlands recipes call for fish, while many Hunter pets prefer it raw. If you don’t want it for yourself, there are plenty of cooks who will be happy to buy your catch!

As with all other skills, the only way to get good at Fishing is with practice. After learning the Shadowlands Fishing from Retriever Au’prin, you will need to seek out a good fishing spot. That may be easier said than done, however, as many of the best spots are taken – if not by other fishers, then by hostile monsters who will interrupt your angling. Even if you overcome those obstacles, reaching the 200 level mark is bound to take a while. The Fisherman’s Journal can shave off some of that time, but you can only use one skill journal in a week.

CakeBoost can help you raise your Fishing skill to the highest level quickly and without you needing to do anything. Just let our pro-boosters farm the fish in the most efficient way possible, freeing you to relax by the waterside without worrying that you might be missing the best fish.