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WoW Shadowlands expansions bring a lot of brand-new content to the game, refreshing the whole World of Warcraft experience and adding fresh and interesting stories, zones, dungeons and activities. Torghast tower, also called Tower of Damned, is one of the most interesting innovations in the history of World of Warcraft.

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Torghast tower is a huge, horrific building located in the center of The Maw. It is a heavily guarded magical jail, in which the greatest champions and heroes of Azeroth are being held as prisoners and their souls being tortured by the powers of the Jailer. For the players’ Tower of Damned is not just a part of WoW lore. Torghast tower is an infinite dungeon, which is being procedurally generated for every run.  Its challenges are endless and each try will differ from the previous one. Such a system is totally new for Warcraft and everyone is excited to try it out for themselves.

However, Tower of Damned is inaccessible from the start.  In order to obtain the ability to enter this dungeon, firstly you have to unlock The Maw and secondly complete a specific questline, that will lead you to Torghast. This questline is started by Bolvar Fordragon In Oribos. You will have to complete 12 quests in order to complete this chain and open Torghast. Buy Cakeboost WoW Shadowlands Torghast Unlock Boost Carry and quickly obtain the ability to challenge yourself in the newest The Thorgast unlimited dungeon. Our professional employees will lead your character through every necessary quest and complete the assigned task as fast as possible.