WoW Cataloged Research Farm

  • The Archivists’ Codex unlocked

  • 60 level Character




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New Shadowlands expansion is considered to be one of the biggest in the history of the game. It offers a limitless amount of different content for players to explore. Various questlines are also available now, and a special Archivists’ Codex-related questline is one of the most interesting in the expansion.  The problem is that it can take up a huge amount of free time. Not every player is ready to complete one of the most difficult activities in the expansion. But with help of our professional boosters nothing is impossible! 

You will get:

  • The selected amount of Cataloged Research
  • Reputation Points with Archivists’ Codex 
  • Access to upgrading gear up to 233 ilvl
  • All resources and gold recieved during the boost

ETA: Depends on the selected amount of currency

You have to find various relics that can be found all around the new locations in Shadowland. These relics will be added to your Catalog and give you Cataloged Research special currency. This will bring you various rewards, including reputation points, completed achievements and ability to upgrade your gear up to 233 iLvL.  However, you need to remember that obtaining relics can take a lot of your time and will require a lot of patience. If you want to skip the boring part and get any number of Cataloged Research currency you can order our special Cataloged Research boosting service