Stygia Farm Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character
  • The Maw unlocked




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Buy Stygia Currency Farm Boost

The most recent grandiose WoW Shadowlands expansion offers the gamers an unparalleled journey into the dark universe of the dead. Various exciting quests and challenges are awaiting you in the darkest corners. In order for your character to be efficiently prepared and upgraded in a timely manner so you can reap the best benefits of the game, purchase a WoW SL Boost Service by CakeBoost of your choice. We offer the most modest price on the market plus a 100% guarantee of delivery. The number of services is constantly updated, don’t forget to sign up in order to check out the most recent additions!

You will get:

  • The desired amount of Stygia;
  • All gold, items and other resources which drop during boost.

ETA: 1 – 10 days

Stygia is a new special and pricey resource introduced during Patch 9.0 of WoW SL expansion. It is an essence that is collected by the player when an enemy is killed or a task is completed within The Maw. This is a dark and hopeless wasteland where the darkest souls are tortured for the rest of the time. Basically, Stygia is the result of an evil soul demolition within The Maw. It is commonly used to trade with Ve’Nari for new gear and level updates. It is the main exchange resource for Soulsborne games.

If you already tried the recent SL WoW expansion in a mission to reach the Torghast Tower, you have already explored how the gloomy Maw works. Chances are, you have also gotten the taste of how difficult it is to farm Stygia. One combat might offer a very minuscule amount of Stygia and little to no loot. Keeping Stygia is quite another challenge. Sure, Stygia can be restored if your character visits its own grave within the Maw, but it is also easily lost if your character dies again. It is important to be careful about farming Stygia as it can be very tricky to collect and keep in a timely manner. 

Besides, the amount of Stygia received by your character will vary in connection with The Maw zone the combat occurs, as well as on the type of vicious soul being murdered. Some enemies drop a significant amount of Stygia when they die, while others – not so much. To make matters even worse, all of this activity will eventually bring the Eye of the Jailer’s look upon you. Picking to perform timely quests won’t save the situation either, as this option brings even more attention of the Eye. It is also a really time-consuming task. It is important to keep the balance between rares, quests, and various types of enemies to slay. Finding that balance requires a lot of time and laser focus. 

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