Shadowlands Soulbinds Conduits

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character.
  • Covenant unlocked




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The Shadowlands expansion introduced a distinctive new late-game progression system. As you progress through its epic storyline, your character will get the chance to join one of the four Shadowlands factions known as Covenants. As you complete quests for the angelic Kyrian, the ferocious Necrolords, the mystical Night Fae, or the vampiric Venthyr, you will get the opportunity to tap into the power of that faction’s champions through soul binding. The unique abilities and bonuses granted by your Soulbinds can greatly increase your versatility and power in the endgame. With CakeBoost, this critical edge can be yours promptly and effortlessly.

You will get:

  • The requested Soulbind(s);
  • Chapters of your Covenant Campaign completion;
  • All resources, gold and gear that might drop during the boost.

ETA: 1-3 days

Soulbinding is a magical ritual practiced by the denizens of the Shadowlands, allowing friends or allies to join together their souls and make each other stronger. It is only fitting that, as the ally of your chosen Covenant, you should be able to benefit from this rite. Every Covenant has three heroes you can bond with, receiving unique abilities based on their individual strengths as well as Conduit bonuses suited for your class and specialization. You will often be able to choose between different trait options or change them at the Covenant’s Forge of Bonds. Once you have unlocked several Soulbinds, you can swap between them easily in rest areas or using a Codex or Tome of the Clear Mind.

The advantages offered by Soulbinds are crucial for taking on the expansion’s challenging endgame content. However, unlocking those benefits will take some effort. The first Soulbind will join you once you sign up with their Covenant. The other of the two initially available heroes will become your Soulbind at 3 Renown, earned by finishing Covenant quests. Completing the Covenant’s campaign will unlock your final Soulbind.

CakeBoost can let you unlock as much of this system as you wish, as quickly as possible. Our pro-boosters will play through the faction quests for you, earning the required Renown for the requested Soulbinds. Then, you will be free to enjoy their remarkable benefits as you take on the content you want.