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Shadowlands are lands that lie beyond our usual reality, where all souls go after death. This vast province consists of 5 zones, four of which are controlled by 4 Covenants vying for control of the SH: Venthyr, Kyrians, Necrolords, and Night Fae. Each of these Covenants is unique and each has its own vision of how the Shadowlands should evolve further.

Upon reaching the maximum level (60th), you will receive some data on all four Covenants. After you hit 60 Lvl, the player has the opportunity to make their choice and join one of the Covenants.

The Kyrians control the Bastion and act as the Guides for every Soul that enters the SL. It is they who decide the subsequent fate of the soul and determine it into one of the SL realms, depending on how it lived its life and the deeds performed. They act as guides between the world of the Living and the worlds of Spirits. Kyrians are seen as fair guardians of light. They are extremely devoted to their duty and see a high meaning in their destiny. They try to gain complete control of themselves through unaccountable service and meditation. These creatures are not afraid of obstacles on the path of improvement and are ready to work for a great goal. Each member of this Covenant strives to gain objectivity in order to be capable of fair and impartial judgment of souls entering the Shadowlands.

By completing various World quests for Kyrians, you will reaffirm your loyalty to the chosen Covenant, receive valuable rewards, as well as access to new, more exciting missions and unique Kyrians special abilities that provide different combat and dungeon bonuses. As you move up the career ladder, you will receive more and more valuable rewards. You will be tasked to bring souls back from Torghast tower, collect Anima and much more.

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