Covenant Renown Level 1-80 Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
    Level 60 character.
  • Covenant unlocked




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Buy Covenant Renown Level 1-80 Boost

The new massive WoW Shadowlands expansion invites players to plunge into the unknown world of the dead and make it their second home! A bunch of new exciting content and activities await you. To get total control over any situation, be able to progress to a high level rapidly and get all the benefits the game has to offer, buy one of the WoW SL Boost Services by CakeBoost at the lowest price on the market. We guarantee the quality and 100% efficiency of each service. CakeBoost team is expanding the range of available services constantly so that players can get the most popular and relevant Boosts at the best price on the international market.

You’ll get:

  • Chapters of your Covenant Campaign completion;
  • Selected Renown lvl with chosen covenant;
  • Access to covenant rewards for the selected level;
  • All resources, gold and gear that might drop during the boost.

ETA:  depends on the selected range.

SL consists of 5 zones, 4 of which are managed by one of the 4 existing Covenants: Venthyrs, Kyrians, Necrolords and Night Fae. Each of them has a special character and a different perspective on how SL should develop. As you progress from level 50 to level 60, you will learn details about each of the Covenants in order to join one at level 60.

Renown is a kind of currency that is analogous to Reputation for Covenants, which is specific. This resource displays your progress towards improving your relationship with yours. With this currency, you can improve your Sanctum as well as strengthen your bond with the Soulbinds. The more you gather, the more trust you get from other members of the chosen Cov. There are 40 levels available, which will open as you accumulate a sufficient amount of this resource.

For earning some Lvls your character will receive a special reward: you can level up some items, increase the potential of your Sanctum, receive unique Legendary items recipes (which can’t be obtained in any other way), acquire special nice cosmetic items and more… Renown also goes a long way towards gaining Pathfinder and therefore FLYING, which is especially important for many players.

How to farm Renown? Well, there are 3 main ways, each of which is rather time-consuming: completing quests during the Campaign (you’ll get 1 Renown level with every closed chapter), weekly Quests to farm Anima, and saving Tormented Souls (saving souls, stuck in the most hopeless and dreary SL zone – The Maw). As you earn Renown and thus prove your loyalty to the chosen Covenant, you gain new levels of trust, gain access to new content, items, talents, expand your horizons and significantly strengthen your position in SL.

Buy WoW SL Covenant Renown Boost Service by CakeBoost at the lowest price on the market. Select the required amount of level q: from +5 to +40. We guarantee flawless execution throughout every step. Depending on how many levels you want to get, the lead time for your order can vary significantly: please check the ETA with the managers when placing an order.