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Sire Denathrius is the final boss of the Castle Nathria Raid and will be the first available raid in SH. Teams of players of 20 people will be able to enter under the arches of a gloomy castle, which looks like the abode of Count Dracula. In total, the raid contains 10 Boss encounters, but the main battle will be the final meeting with the owner of the castle, Sir Denathrius.

Sire Denathrius, master of Revendreth, is the creator of the venthyr race and their sole ruler. The enormous power that this creature possesses allowed him to create a whole of people in his own image and likeness. However, not all representatives of this race agree to continue living under his rule: the first of those who were created by him, Prince Renathal, now stands at the head of the uprising in an attempt to overthrow the overdue ruler from his throne. It is clear that Denathrius will not give up his title and power without a desperate battle.

On Mythic, battle with the CN Final Boss becomes unimaginably hard. You have to be sure of your own strength, as well as your teammates’. The Sir Denathrius encounter takes place in three phases with an additional interlude between the first and second phases. The boss will constantly change tactics, as well as summon combat support for his Adds waves. During each of these phases, the Boss will unleash waves of attacks on you using Abilities, each of which is unique and different in action. This not only requires intense concentration and adaptability from players but also places increased demands on the variety and quality of the squad composition: this is the only way you can resist most of the combat mechanics used by this boss.

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