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Glory of the Nathria Raider is a meta-achievement associated with completing the CN Raid, the first SL Raid available for teams of 1-30 players. In order to get this achievement, the player must collect 10 achievements during the passage of this Raid. Each achievement is associated with the observance of special conditions when killing each of the 10 Bosses with whom you have to fight. This is quite a challenge, given that bosses are powerful and can be a tough challenge to fight, even if you’re not looking for achievement.

Having received this achievement, you will not only establish your status in the gaming community and earn the respect of others, but also become the owner of a rare and unique SL Mount that is called Rampart Screecher. This is a FLYING Mount that will not only speed up your movement across all 5 SL zones but also set you apart from the crowd.

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