Castle Nathria Mythic Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • 205+ Item Level
  • 215+ Item Level for 10/10
  • Level 60 character.




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Attention! Please contact our operators at Discord or Skype to clarify all details (available ​​​​​​​servers and raid times).

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ETA: Contact our support about the raid schedule

Castle Nathria (CN) is the first raid that players will have access to during the first time after the SL launch. This raid is designed for units of 10-30 level 60 players. You will have to fight with 10 Bosses, each of which has distinctive features and unique combat mechanics. It is a Gothic-style building full of mazes and trellises, in a gloomy atmosphere in which players will have to overcome the path from boss to boss. When developing the raid, the designers were inspired by the images of Count Dracula’s castle.

Purchase the Castle Nathria Raid Mythic Loot Run by CakeBoost service to get the full CN Raid Run and get valuable loot corresponding to the Mythic raid difficulty. Turning to the help of specialists for passing the Raid, you not only save time and effort that are required to prepare and search for a suitable group but also get 100% immunity from mistakes and failures. You will receive a complete walkthrough of the raid, or you can choose the set of bosses you want to kill.

Throughout the raid, you will be guided by our pro boosters so you can be sure of success. In order to regulate the amount of loot that your character will receive, you can independently determine the number of traders that will transmit the received loot to you. You can choose option 1/3/5/7 Traders. The more traders will take part in the collection of items, the more useful items your character will receive as a result.