Castle Nathria Items Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character.




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The new massive WoW Shadowlands expansion is a bunch of new exciting content and activities. In order to be able to progress to a high level rapidly and get all the benefits, the game has to offer, buy one of the WoW SL Boost Services by CakeBoost at the lowest price on the market. We guarantee the quality and 100% efficiency of each service.

You’ll get:

  • Any raid item guaranteed;
  • The required number of Bosses KIlls on Normal or Heroic Mode;
  • All gold, resources and other items that might drop during the boost

ETA: random

Castle Nathria (CN) is the first raid that players will have access to during the first time after SL launch. This raid is designed for the party of 10-30 60 Lvl players. In this raid, you will fight with 10 Bosses, each of which has distinctive features and unique combat mechanics. After killing each Boss, players have the opportunity to get valuable unique items with excellent characteristics.

For killing Final CN Boss, Sire Denathrius, you have the opportunity to get various items, the characteristics of which are superior to the loot, which can be obtained from another boss in CN, but the mechanics of this boss are also more complex.

Buy CN Single Item Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost to get 1 item that drops from any Boss in CN or even from the final Boss Denathrius. Throughout the raid, you will be guided by our pro boosters so you can be sure of success. The CakeBoost team will make you feel confident throughout the entire process; you will receive precise instructions and elegant guidance. You can also be convinced of the indisputable professionalism of our performers. If you want to order the killing one or several bosses, CN Full Run, check out other CN Boost Services on our SL Raids Category page.