WoW Emerald PvP Coaching Bundle

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character.




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2v2 Coaching

3v3 Coaching

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If you want to reach the Gladiator Title and earn a magnificent mount, you have to work hard! The surest way to be successful in WoW Shadowlands is to know your combat strategy. You develop your strategy by gradually gaining experience in the arena. But each battle takes time, and losing can lead to wasted time and rating, as titles and benefits only go to the best of the best. Professional coaches know how to help you get what you want quickly and safely.

You will get:

  • 5 hours of professional coaching for the Arena format of your choice;
  • All items received as a price for the win.

ETA: 5 hours

Now imagine that your teammates already have a plan of action, while your enemies are lost when meeting an experienced group. If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can quickly improve your skill with a professional team tailored to your needs and giving you tips and advice along the way, this service for you. CakeBoost has developed dedicated Emerald and Ruby learning packages for Arena matches to improve your chances of winning and your quickest ranking!

Buy WoW Shadowlands Emerald Coaching Bundle by CakeBoost. This exclusive option will provide your character with 5 hours of individual and highly productive training in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena format of your pick. Learn all the best tricks, secrets of the races, their usual techniques and unconventional ways to overcome them – and try them in action! CakeBoost collaborates with best-boosting professionals all over the world, who undergo neat verification and perform all the tasks manually so they can help you reach your fullest gaming potential. We guarantee our customers total security and 100% completion of the service for a mind-boggling, cheapest price!