WoW Arena Rating 3v3 Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with the latest expansion;
  • Level 60 character;
  • Please pay attention to the requirements of character’s PvP gear for WoW Arena Rating:

These requirements are the minimum, additional requirements possible. It may be changed during the season.
For the latest information contact Cakeboost Support.​​​​​​​

Rating Gear requirements
1400-1500 210+ PvP gear
1600 210+ PvP gear
1700 220+ PvP gear
1800 225+ PvP gear
2100 230+ PvP gear
2400 240+ PvP gear





Product total:

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Arena Rating

Buy WoW Arena Rating 2v2 3v3 Boost

Attention! ETA of performance of services may be longer. Please read service requirements or contact our operators at Discord/Skype/Jivochat before purchasing.

Buy Arena Rating service, boost your arena rating to the desired level (2000/2200/2400). Arena had always been an important part of the World of Warcraft. Everyone would be glad to have a high arena rating because that’s prestigious and not easy to get. WoW arena rating is a measure of your professionalism and skills. We can help you with any arena rating format you’d like to improve: 2v2 or 3v3. Here you can get prestigious equipment with high item level, mount for honor points, and other rewards. The main goal is to increase your arena rating and make your character more elite. It is also a good way to increase the level of the parties you’re invited to. That means the game will become more colorful and complex for you. For maximum safety, we strongly advise you to create a special account for the arena services and transfer your character there. After you make the purchase, our manager will pick up the most suitable pro for you to improve your WOW arena raking in the shortest time possible.

You will get:

ETA: flexible (depends on the selected range)

Rank Rating End of Match (ilvl) Weekly Chest (ilvl) Gear Rewards
Unranked 0-1399


Combatant 1400-1599 226 239

Bracer, Belt, Cloak


1600-1799 233 246 Gloves, Legs, Boots


1800-2099 240 253 Helm, Shoulder, Chest


2100-2399 246 259

Weapon Enchantment

Gladiator 2400+ 246 259

Gladiator Mount (After 50 wins)

3vs3 Arena Rating

Skirmishes in the Arena do not allow the inhabitants of the Warcraft universe to relax and keep them toned. Arenas are designed specifically for players to measure their strength and skill in a 2×2 or 3×3 format. In order to get to the Arena, you have to assemble a group (2 or 3 players) and queue up those wishing to prove themselves. You will fight with a team that is comparable in strength. In case of a win, your Arena rating will increase; this is the indicator of your level of coolness.

However, victory or defeat depends on a huge number of factors, and not all of them can be affected: the team’s skill, its solidarity, the ability to quickly analyze the situation, respond and orientate, the experience of rivals and your own … In order to become a real gladiator, you must go through countless battles, survive hundreds of victories and defeats. However, at the end of the road, you will receive a worthy reward, which will pay for everything.

Our CakeBoost team specialists are the best in their business. Veterans of the Arena, Gladiators of the highest echelon, we know all the pitfalls, nuances, subtleties, details, and we also have vast experience in providing the fastest and best quality Arena Boosting Services. We will find an individual approach to each client and develop the most reliable way to provide you with exactly what is needed, in the shortest possible time.

2vs2 Arena Rating

PVP – one of the most exciting formats of battles, and it is understandable – unpredictable, rapid, depending solely on the experience and skill of the participants, it attracts players from all over the world, trying to show what they are capable of. Of course, it’s not just the fight itself – high rating, respect, prestigious achievements and useful reward are also important.
Every movement must be perfected; teammates must understand each other with a half-look; everyone should be a tactician, an analyst and a strategist in one person and not lose a single moment for nothing, not to allow a single mistake…

As you can see, it’s not easy to become a champion in this format. It is necessary not only to be a master and an expert in your class, but also to find a team that you will unconditionally trust. All this requires not only precious time, but also effort. Do not wander blindly: trust real professionals. Since 2010, we have been working tirelessly to find the best of the best who would be willing to share their experience and pass on their skills that have been honed by years of hard work.

Order 2×2 Arena Rating Boost Service and the Gladiators of the highest echelon will fight on your side. We know all the pitfalls, nuances, subtleties, details, and also have vast experience in providing the fastest and best quality Arena Boosting Services.

Using our tool you can find out the price and amount of the exact rating you need.

Our specialists are multiple gladiators of past seasons, so they can guide you through earning up to 2800 rating points on 3×3 arena.
You can order (ask our managers to specify the highest possible rating), so you can enter the high organized professional team and improve your combat skills.

The 3×3 bracket arena has established itself as the most trendy and astonishing comparing to other formats, that’s why it’s used in a lot of cybersport events. Comparing to other formats, the 3×3 bracket area is an apex of gaming excellence since it requires not only harmonious teamwork but also elaborated performance of every member of the team. After earning an appropriate rating, the “Gladiator” title becomes available to archive.

But that’s not all: depending on the rating you want to earn, several achievements can be unlocked: Three’s Company: 1550 / 1750 / 2000 / 2200 / 2400 / 2700. The 3×3 arena requires an equilibrium between personal gaming skills and the ability to play as a part of the team. As your rating increases, you can find a better team to truly prove yourself and explore better opportunities. As you improve your skills, matches will become simpler and more entertaining. The victories will be won at the click of a finger. You will not only get a higher rating but also advance your personal gaming proficiency and skills. The only way to mature in any game is to let better players guide and teach you, so you can adopt their experience.

Why should I choose a Cakeboost?

World of Warcraft is populated by millions of very different heroes with their own goals, character, history. Regardless of what you prefer to do in the gaming world – exploring dungeons or exploring the history of the world, or perhaps collecting or improving the craft skills – you will be involved in the eternal conflict between factions, the Horde and the Alliance, in any case.

The irreconcilable conflict of the two factions regularly went out of control, plunging the whole world into the chaos of war. In order to maintain a peaceful existence somehow, the factions decided to transfer their confrontations to neutral territories: specialized battlegrounds, as well as Arenas where members of all races and classes could compete for the title of the best, as well as a worthy reward. Thus, sooner or later you will encounter such an important and fundamental game format as PvP battles. The best of the best are defined here, which are honored to wear Gladiator titles. However, once on the Arena, no one remains the same. The thirst for blood and the spirit of rivalry boil in his veins, forcing him to fight hard, to constantly improve, to learn. The thirst to win and enjoy prestigious awards motivates gamers to continue trying. However, only for one out of ten gamers, the first PvP experience is successful.

It is worth noting that this format is very demanding: Arena doesn’t forgive mistakes and negligence. To succeed, you must constantly improve. However, this requires not only investing time and energy in the game, trying to find the right path of self-development by trial and error, but also studying the theoretical part, as well as practice a lot, reconciling with the inevitable defeats. However, the reward is worth it…

Arena Coaching and Arena Rating Boost

We at CakeBoost team know about Arena’s cruelty and the difficulties of PvP battles firsthand. Our experts, who are multiple champions of past seasons, have gained tremendous experience and now know about all the nuances and subtleties of the game. Now you have the opportunity to get this experience, gained over the years with great difficulty, first-hand! Become students of the best of the best and get a unique opportunity to learn something that took years to study, as quickly as possible, in an accessible format and at an affordable price! Our experts have developed this service so that you get a great practical result as soon as possible. By participating in 2v2 or 3v3 battles under the guidance of your personal trainer (or even two CakeBoost employees when choosing the 3v3 format), you will improve your practical skills, such as quick assessment of the situation, development of suitable battle tactics and strategies, assessment of the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, and also deepen your theoretical knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of battles in the Arena. Very soon, you will feel more confident and notice a significant improvement in your skills.

The personal approach that is at the core of CakeBoost policies will allow you to get the workouts you need. The information will be presented in an understandable form, as well as clearly explained. You will be able to communicate with your coach, sorting out mistakes, and paying special attention to your weak points. The result will be noticed soon; you will develop your potential and have the power that you haven’t even dreamed of! This service is your key to huge baggage of knowledge and experience that our employees will gladly pass on to you. The prestigious title will become just a matter of time!

The Arena provides almost unlimited opportunities for self-improvement and self-affirmation. Of course, the Arena also offers worthy rewards to stubborn and strong gamers. Here, in addition to universal respect, you can get prestigious achievements, elite equipment, mounts, and much more. However, perhaps you don’t want to go into the theory at all, work on improving your technique, or waste time and energy. Some just want a reward here and now!

For such clients, the CakeBoost team has developed a service in which your character will achieve the required number of victories or will win a certainly required reward under the guidance of our high-class specialist who is perfectly familiar with Arena and is able to achieve the goals set as soon as possible. You get what you want without any effort and much faster than if you tried to get it yourself! This service is also suitable for those who want to get rid of the monotonous routine work on gaining Conquest points.

You won’t have to wait for the beginning of your order: after you clarify all the wishes and details with our managers, we will instantly select the best performer or team of performers who fit the specified requirements best. CakeBoost team believes in the effectiveness of a personal approach and maximum transparency in the performance of services. You always monitor your progress personally, as well as the progress of order execution at all stages of the service. There are no impossible tasks for us, and we will stop only when the client is completely satisfied with the results of our work!

Still in doubt? Check out the grateful reviews of many people who have already used the service and achieved an indicator of 2700+ rating points for an amazingly short time. Many of the clients who used our services and appreciated the high-class performance and undeniable advantages of CakeBoost team are coming back again!

Our managers will answer any question that may arise and clarify unclear points. We do everything to make you satisfied and come back again.