Shadowlands Honor Farming Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion
  • Level 60 character.




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In the new expansion Shadowlands when you take any part in PvP you are rewarded with Honor from all possible activities, participating in both normal and rated PvP battles will reward you with Honor Points that can be later on spent on various ilvl gear upgrades and also used to buy goods from new vendors. In general, PvP has always been the most challenging and competitive part of the whole game, which brings out the worst as much as the best in each player and gives access to useful rewards with high characteristics that will be rather helpful in any other game activity just as well. Each battle is far from easy as nobody wants to lose their place in the rating along with the possible rewards. Quite often players have a unique strategy that you need to take into account along with all tricks and your own weak points.

You will get:

  • The selected amount of Honor Points;
  • Some Conquest Points;
  • All loot and gold received during the boost.

ETA: flexible (depends on the selected number of honor points)

While you have an opportunity to exchange both Conquest and Honor Points for PVP gear, Honor is exclusively capable of upgrading the Great Vault. That way you will receive more choices of weekly items when you spend enough Honor on that. This type of Point can also be used to upgrade PVP gear’s stats and ilvl. The Honor gear vendor allows you to buy gear from ilvl 177 and higher, there are also various useful items and high-quality weapons available. To get any possible perks that come from Honor points you need to spend a lot of time on some challenging and stressful battles and then to accumulate a decent amount this procedure needs to be repeated several times.

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