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The Zandalari trolls are a separate family of the trolley species, whose representatives are mainly found in the territory of the great and ancient maritime empire Zandalar. The aborigines of this island, the ancestors of those living here today, were intelligent and powerful. When the trolls from the outside world began to inhabit their native lands, they built a city. In the center of the city, the sacred treasure pyramid rises, and the powerful impregnable walls of the capital leave no chance for the invaders.

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Zandalari trolls value knowledge above all else. They are also working hard to preserve their culture, traditions and history for future generations. These people perfected the skill of witchcraft and communication with spirits for centuries. Throughout history, the people of the Zandalar empire had to repel outside raids. During the expedition and exploration of the surrounding marine expanses, the Zandalari enslaved the goblins race.

For the Horde, such a strong ally, seeking domination on land and at sea, as well as having great military resources and power, will become indispensable, but you must prove your loyalty to earn the trust of the harsh inhabitants of the island.

After reaching the character’s maximum level and completing the relevant questline, you can get themed armor designed in the style of an allied race (Heritage armor). This serves as a gift as a sign that you have proved your loyalty to the people you want to see as your companion. The received set of armor is available for the whole account, it can be put on by any member of this race. You can also get such a set of armor as a reward, reaching level 45 playing for a character of an allied race without resorting to the help of in-game boosts.

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