Tauren Heritage Armor Boost

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion;
  • Level 60 Tauren Character




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Get the Tauren Heritage Armor Set fast, effortless, 100% guaranteed. One of the features of the latest WoW massive expansion is the abundance of various new Allied Races, each of which is unique: it has its own history, culture and features. Players have the opportunity to delve deeper into their culture and heritage with the help of special sets called Heritage armor sets.

You will get:

  • Tauren Heritage Armor Set;
  • Tauren Heritage Armor Questline completed.

ETA: 2-3 days

These are cosmetic sets of armor, the appearance of which is different and unique to each Race/Allied Race. Heritage armor is also available for some major Races. Heritage armor sets reflect the culture and characteristics of each Allied Race. Once you open access to this armor, you can transmog it on top of any type of armor. Heritage Armor Set will be available to all characters in the account.

Highmountain Tauren are descendants of Haln, a brave hero who became famous during the War of the Ancients. They worship the spirits of the earth, river and sky. After the Legion invasion, trust between the tribes was undermined, but now the Highmountain tribes have joined forces again. They are ready to leave the sacred mountain in order to join their Kalimdor relatives and become allies of the Horde.

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