Mechagnome Allied Race

  • Аctive World of Warcraft account with latest expansion;
  • Level 60 character;




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Mechagnomes are the cyborgs of the Azeroth. Previously, these people were fascinated with utopian dreams of the complete mechanization of their bodies, but now Mechagnomes prefer to follow the difficult path of maintaining a delicate balance between mechanical improvements and the living, the biological component of life.

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By their nature, Mechagnomes are gifted engineers with an inquiring mind and an innate scientific passion that makes them challenge nature itself. For a long time, these people lived in isolation on the Mechagon Island, however, the awakening ancient dark forces prompted them to leave isolation and turn their accumulated knowledge and experience to the forces of the Alliance. However, today the Mechagnomes are in a state of civil war, which has split the people into adherents of full mechanization, who support crazy initiatives to completely robotize bodies coming from the crazy tyrant, King Mechagon, and underground resistance that is not ready to turn into cars completely. If you help Rustbolt resistance, led by the King’s son, win and defend Rustbolt resistance’s right to preserve its biological foundation, you will gain a reliable, intelligent and technically advanced ally that will become important support in the upcoming confrontation. Mechagnomes have unique armor, culture, exterior, appearance, as well as racial skills that will bring new elements to the game and will entertain you before the upcoming deadly confrontation.