Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race

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  • Level 60 character;




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This race is complicated, they have their huge history, hot temper and their tearing apart from the inside… There are 8 classes of the new race: Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Death Knight, Rogue, Monk, Warlock, and Hunter. There is a service created to let you meet these amazing creatures and create one yourself. 

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Known for their hot temper, this race has a large history of violent relationships with the outer world. The Alliance is searching for the help of strong allies to curb the Azerite might and to crash the Horde. There is a war sparked among the dwarves. Although one fraction swore allegiance to the regent queen Moire, but others will better die than do so. Catch the moment and extract the maximum benefit from this situation.

Dark Iron Dwarfs that gain max level without the paid instant boosting, getting levels from the “Invite a Friend” program or race changing will receive a race-themed crown of armor, which then can use for the transmogrification of any other items. Anvil plates on the shoulders and belt will glow occasionally. The transport property of the Dark Iron Dwarfs is the Black Iron depths Hound. “You can never find hotter dogs”. In addition, the data miners found the models of two driving sheep that can be owned by the paladins of the race: the Blacksmith’s Baran and the Sunset forge Baran.